About the National Press Club

Globally aware - Locally relevant

To survive in an increasingly competitive international environment, being globally aware and locally relevant makes good business sense. And this is exactly what the National Press Club is committed to.

Founded as the Pretoria Press Club in 1978, the club has grown in leaps and bounds, both in stature and membership. The membership profile is represented by role-players in the entire spectrum of the communications field – journalists, news photographers and communication practitioners from our country’s diverse population groups – also from beyond Gauteng’s geographic borders.

This compares favourably with the likes of other national press clubs in Washington, New Delhi, Australia and Canberra.

National and global players now accept that the club has made itself relevant, not only in Gauteng but also nationally. News contributors know that they have a fair deal, even when criticised. In this way, the National Press Club has created a news communication platform of first choice with the relevance being transparency at all costs.

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