New Chairperson for National Press Club

The National Press Club has a new chairperson, Antoinette Slabbert, senior in-depth journalist with Sake 24. Slabbert has been the club’s deputy chairperson and her election follows the resignation of Yusuf Abramjee.

When Abramjee was re-elected as chairperson earlier this year, he indicated then he would only take up the position for a further few months because of his commitments with LeadSA, Crime Line and Safact.

Abramjee says: “The press club has always been and will always be close to my heart. I have thoroughly enjoyed my terms of office over the years. We have to grow and develop new leaders and I am pleased there are many able and willing individuals in the executive who can take over.

“Keep up the good work and please keep the flag of the National Press Club flying high. The club has always played a leading role and it must continue doing so. I hope I leave behind some legacy and I appeal to the executive committee to continue being the voice for the media.”

The executive committee expressed their gratitude for Abramjee’s outstanding leadership of the club and hoped that as a member he would continue his support.

Jos Charle, executive editor at the Pretoria News, accepted the position of deputy chairperson.

For more information contact Ben Rootman at the National Press Club on tel 082 257 0305 or