Submission to the special committee of the National Council of Provinces reviewing the Protection of State Information Bill (POSIB)

The National Press Club (NPC/Press Club), formerly the Pretoria Press Club, was established in 1975. The NPC currently has over 400 members – and they include editors, journalists, communication practioners from both the private and the public sector and students. The Press Club not only brings the media and the PR/Communications/Marketing fraternities together to socialize and network, but we also take a leading role in issues affecting the industry. We host newsmakers regularly. The NPC has become synonomous with the Newsmaker of the Year award which we host annually. Over the years, we have commissioned independent research to look at various issues affecting the media. We have also taken a leading role in engaging stakeholders on issues such as media freedom, freedom of expression and operation challenges such as the relationship with government.

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