Women Lead National Press Club Post Covid-19 Revival

After the devastating Covid-19 pandemic, the National Press Club, which was expertly steered through those tumultuous times by former chairpersons and dear friends, Val Boje and Jos Charle, is back in business.
The NPC has newly elected an executive committee and management team, made up of a diverse group of people working in a multitude of newsrooms, public relations roles, state institutions, private companies, and the communication engine room of government. Notably the majority of committee members are female professionals, including the key positions of chair, treasurer and general manager.
The exco is excited about getting the NPC name out there again and drawing both our existing and new members into the fold. Watch this space for news about exciting monthly networking functions and discussion events.
Newly elected chairperson Antoinette Slabbert said: “I am excited to lead a group of energetic professionals who are determined to reposition the National Press Club as the foremost networking platform for working journalists and communication professionals in the country. “We are grateful for those stakeholders who supported the National Press Club during the past two difficult years when we lost friends and family, including two serving chairpersons, Val Boje and Jos Charle. We will honour their contribution to this organization by building on their legacy in service to our industry, keeping in mind the very important role it plays in the South African society.
“We look forward to seeing our members and other stakeholders and will make announcements in this regard”.

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Our history

Looking back at some key moments since the National Press Club started.

National Press Club turns 42 this year

On 12 July 1978, the Pretoria Press Club started with a handful of members. Today it is known as the National Press Club.

We honour outstanding work

Through the years the Newsmaker of the Year award, the registered intellectual property of the club, has become synonymous with the National Press Club.

National Press Club elects first black female chairperson

Ntando Makhubu, news editor of the Pretoria News, has been elected chairperson of the National Press Club, making her the first black female to be elected to this position.

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